Family Celebrates Life Of Two Year Old Daughter

MEDFORD, Ore. -- While many of us were celebrating the start of 2018, on New Year's Day, one family began grieving the loss of their two year old daughter. Saturday, they carried on the memories of Anastasia.

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Saturday afternoon, family and friends came together not to mourn the end of a life but to celebrate it. The room was decorated with pink, yellow and white to celebrate the life of two year old, Anastasia. Her parents, Steven Myrick and Monique Gallego-Mendeola, said their daughter was more than her illnesses even though she spent her two years on earth in and out of the hospital, born with a number of disabilities.

"There was a bigger side of her. She was beautiful and she was such a happy baby. She smiled a lot,” said Myrick.

"She couldn't see but she could still know that we were there. She could hear us and she would look for us,” added Gallego-Mendeola. “Every time we would come around. She would laugh and smile, especially with her grandma. She would always laugh with her too.”

They said about three months ago, Anastasia started needing to go to the hospital more than usual and shortly after, her situation took a turn for the worst. She was put on life support.

"She got back in the hospital with the flu and --the flu took her,” said Gallego-Mendeola.

"She just couldn't fight it. And it got to the point where they wanted us to make a decision." added Myrick.

On December 31st, 2017, they made the decision to take her off of life support.

“I came in the room and I just saw my daughter getting sicker and I just have to tell everyone, ‘this is not okay. We're just being selfish for ourselves because we want her here. She's not getting any better and it's time to make that decision to keep her here like that and let her suffer more than she already has in her two years of life or pull the plug.’ We decided that we didn't want that pain for her anymore. We just wanted to take it all away and let her finally just go to Heaven with God," said Gallego-Mendeola.

Anastasia died on New Year's Day but family and friends say she will live on forever in their hearts.

If you would like to help support the family through GoFundMe, head here.

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Family Celebrates Life of Two Year Old Daughter
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