Ice Skating Now Open On Lake Ellyn

GLEN ELLYN, IL — The recent cold weather has been unpleasant, but the icy temps have created a new chance for families to get out and have fun. Glen Ellyn residents can now hit the ice to work on their triple salchow at Lake Ellyn Park.

The Glen Ellyn Park District announced via Twitter Thursday that part of the ice is ready and open for skating. They added that the ice is too thin for large equipment to get on the lake, but that snow blowers were able to clear a decent chunk of skate-able space.

Residents can ice skate at Lake Ellyn Park until 9 p.m., since outdoor lighting provides more than enough illumination to skate by.

A flagpole at the lake will display a green flag if skating is open and a red flag if it is not. To see if conditions are good for ice skating before you head out, check Rain Out or call 630-984-5075.

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Ice Skating Now Open On Lake Ellyn
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