Kingston Frazier's Father Speaks Out For The First Time

Kingston Frazier's father is speaking out for the very first time after indictments were delivered to two suspects in his 6-year-old son's murder.

Kingston's family is aghast that one of the suspects, Dwan Wakefield, spent Thanksgiving with his family, out on bond, while Kingston will never spend another holiday at his grandmother's house.

William Frazier, says he's been silent since his son was killed in May.

"I've been chilling, laid back too long..I just can't," said William Frazier.

Frazier says right now it seems like people are focusing on justice for Wakefield, not justice for Kingston.

"This ain't no Kingston Frazier justice," said Frazier. "Because I don't see no justice, and this man out here on these streets, lurking, and we don't know what went on."

Deanna Moore, Kingston's great aunt, said in a statement that the family feels Guest has been keeping them in the dark.

Guest responded with a statement saying, "We met with Kingston's mother and father for over two hours on Tuesday in an attempt to explain the upcoming grand process and explain the findings of the investigation. We will continue to notify Kingston's parents of any developments in the case, and they can then disseminate the information to other family members."

But Frazier feels that's too little, too late.

"What was the meeting for? To tell me more bad news? That you've been keeping back?" asked Frazier in frustration.

The family wasn't told ahead of time that one of the suspects in the case, Dwan Wakefield, was being let out on bond.

"They ain't even gave us his bond terms," said Frazier. "We don't know if he's got an ankle bracelet, nothing. We don't know nothing."

Byron McBride is the only suspect still charged with capital murder.

McBride, who is accused of being the one to actually pull the trigger and shoot Kingston, was indicted Thursday on capital murder, kidnapping, and possession of stolen property.   

The grand jury also indicted DeAllen Washington on charges of accessory after the fact of murder, kidnapping, and motor vehicle theft. 

Prosecutors say he and Dwan Wakefield helped McBride after Kingston was killed. 

Wakefield was let out on a $275,000 bond because he was a minor at the time of the crime, had no prior criminal record, and was allegedly in another location at the time of Kingston's murder. Those reasons also led to his charges being decreased from capital murder to accessory after the fact.

Frazier says he isn't buying it.

"[Wakefield] Went and picked [McBride] up, knowing my son's dead, so that's before," said Frazier. "Now after the fact, he tried to help him get rid of the guns and all this, and they made up an alibi. And he erased the text messages, where are the text messages? What's he trying to hide?"

In an email to the DA, Kingston's Great Aunt, Deanna Moore, called Wakefield's freedom a slap in the face, saying, quote - "We aren't looking for the Death Penalty for Wakefield, but we would like if he would not be made comfortable, by being in the Free World."

Kingston's father is not on the same page.

"I feel like all of them could get the death penalty. To be honest with me. My son's dead," said Frazier. "I don't need nobody out here if my son ain't here. I don't feel safe."

The DA added Thursday that he cannot imagine the sorrow and grief the family has endured, and, while he cannot change what's happened, he will do all he can to obtain the full measure of justice for them.

"I need an 'Any Child Matter' law," said Frazier. "If somebody's got something dealing with a child getting killed from the beginning or the end, it's the same as Capital Murder. Because you could've stopped it."

Washington and McBride will likely have arraignments next week.

Wakefield has a youth court hearing next week.


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Kingston Frazier's father speaks out for the first time
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