Neighbors React To Death Of 2 Year Old Girl


2-year-old A'Nyia Patton died Friday evening after a fire in her apartment complex. Her mother, 37-year Michelle Patton is still in critical condition.

Anita Baker lives below the Pattons. She’s having a hard time understanding the tragedy.

"It’s kind of hard...because she passed away,” said Anita.

Anita was the one who called 9-1-1. She says she tried to get them out of their apartment, but she needed to warn her husband, “I was going up and down the stairs trying to get him out too.”

Not knowing if the sweet girl a floor up was ok.

"But then I saw the fireman, and it looked like he had tears in his eyes,” said Anita.

For 16-years Anita has lived in these apartments. For 16-years she hasn’t felt scared until the night the fire broke out.

"I haven’t been sleeping that good. That’s what I was doing now."

Anita’s loss is God’s gain, as she says, “He needed her for something...I hope she is an angel for somebody."

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