Neighbors React To Death Of 2 Year Old Girl

An Adams County judge on Tuesday entered a not-guilty plea on behalf of a teenager charged with first-degree murder in the death of 10-year-old Kiaya Campbell.

Aidan Zellmer’s attorney had requested a continence of his arraignment but the judge entered a plea on his behalf, according to Sue Lindsay, spokeswoman for Adams County District Attorney Dave Young.

Zellmer’s trial on a charge of first-degree murder of a child under age 12 has been set for Aug. 20. In January, Adams County Juvenile Court Judge Priscilla Loew transferred Zellmer’s case to adult court, where he will be tried for Campbell’s death.

Kiaya disappeared the night of June 7 while walking with the boy on a shopping trip from home in the 12400 block of Forest Drive in Thornton where her father lived with his girlfriend and her two sons.

Following an Amber Alert and an intense search involving 23 rescue and law enforcement agencies, her body was discovered the afternoon of the following day in a greenbelt area about 1½ miles from where her family reported she had disappeared.

Zellmer, who was 15 when Kiaya disappeared, told investigators that he and the girl were separated when it began raining hard and he ran away. Some neighbors have disputed that there was a rainstorm in the area that night.

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