Video Shows Man Choking Student At Duval County Bus Stop

A fight between students at a bus stop in Durkeeville quickly escalated when the parents got involved.

Now, a grandfather is in jail, accused of choking a teenage girl.

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Officers with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office were parked at the corner of West 13th Street and Pullman Avenue on Thursday, a day after this melee broke out on the same corner.

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Exclusive cellphone video shows the altercation between students and their parents at a school bus stop Wednesday afternoon.

You can see grown men throwing punches at teens. At one point, the man in the striped shirt, 69-year-old Joseph Daise, grabbed a teenager, threw her against the bus and appears to be choking her, all while a toddler looked on.

“He came and he was just choking me. I just wanted him to get off of me, said 17-year-old student Breonna Griffin.

Griffin said it all started two weeks ago when, she said, two other girls attacked her little sister on the bus.

We spoke to her mother, who didn’t want to be identified. She said she and the other girl’s father went to the bus stop to prevent another fight.

“I'm thinking that the father would help me break it up because I’m holding my baby but yet he turns around and he starts attacking my kids,” the mother said.

Daise is now facing a misdemeanor battery charge.

“I don't think he should've put his hands on me. He could've broke it up, but not choking me,” Griffin said. 

Griffin was also arrested for battery and was listed as the primary aggressor in the police report for fighting two other girls.

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Her mother said she was only defending her sister.

“That's all I was yelling, like ‘stop, stop, stop,’ but nobody was listening. Not even my own kids was listening. Everybody was fighting each other,” the mother said.

According to the police report, there was a verbal fight inside the bus Wednesday between Griffin’s siblings and two other girls.

The bus driver said he separated them but the Griffin children continued to verbally instigate the altercation.

Once the bus pulled over, that fight got physical.

“When my daughter got off the bus, before she could actually attack, my daughter, my older daughter, stepped in and that's when everybody went to fighting,” the mother said. 

The mother said she’s shocked with how it escalated but said parents need to be held accountable as well.

“I'm mad because that was a male that was attacking not only me but my kids,” the mother said.

Duval County Public Schools confirms there was a fight on a school bus prior to Wednesday’s incident and both parties were disciplined accordingly. JSO said it has been called out to several bus stops for this very same problem. 

Because the fight happened outside of school property, JSO is handling the investigation.


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