Why Kid Medicine Isn't The Best Option For Your Children

The cold is the most common infection that people get. Children get this infection up to 3 times more frequently, so there's no questioning why parents want the best medicine for their children.

Although cold medicine can help adults, there is no evidence supporting that it helps children.

Most kid medicine promises relief for your children's symptom when they aren't effective. The trustworthy compounding pharmacy close to Santa Monica shares the evidence.

Antihistamines & Decongestants

Many cold medicines have antihistamines labeled as their main ingredient. Histamine is released from your body if you're allergic to particles like dust or pollen. This chemical causes your blood vessels to swell which causes the many symptoms that come with a cold. While this works on adults, children can become distressed. Decongestants work in a similar way. They are created to reverse the cold's inflammation process but there is no evidence showing that it works in children.

Cough Suppressants

Coughing is a natural defensive reflex intended to prevent solids and liquids from entering your lungs. Recent research has shown that the cough suppressants in kid medicine are placebos. You're better off giving your child honey because it is proven to reduce coughing without side effects. Never give a child under one year honey due to infantile botulism.


When you get the common cold, your body's immune system tries to fight the virus by increasing the production of mucus. Expectorants are intended to thin mucus so it can be easier for you to get rid of it. There is not enough evidence proving that expectorants work for adults and no evidence suggesting that it works for children.

Side Effects

There are always benefits and consequences to consuming medications. More of the common side effects of taking medicine include dizziness, irritability, abdominal pain, nausea, and drowsiness. Less common side effects include an increased heart rate and blood pressure.

What is a parent to do if their child is feverish and congested with a sore throat?

The experienced compounding pharmacy next to Santa Monica suggests these alternatives to kid medicines.

  • Drink lots of fluids
  • Get lots of rest
  • Saline solution
  • Soup and warm liquids
  • Head elevation
  • Humidifier
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The compassionate compounding pharmacy nearby Santa Monica hopes your child feels better soon without having to take kid medicine.

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Why Kid Medicine Isn't The Best Option For Your Children
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