Why Your Child’s School Bus Should Be Yellow


The school transport system will face a major overhaul to make school buses safer for the millions of children who board them during their daily commute.

A raft of changes have been announced by acting Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i (inset) in a bid to guarantee safety of minors as they commute between learning institutions and their homes.

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Matiang’i, already pushing through reforms in different spheres of education announced yesterday that all school buses were to be painted yellow in line with existing laws.

“This is in line with Traffic (Amendment) Act 2016 which requires all school buses to be of this colour,” he said.

Source : https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2001265764/why-your-child-s-school-bus-should-be-yellow

Why your child’s school bus should be yellow
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