Why Your Child Lying To You Might Be A GOOD Thing

So, whereas the NYT sees it as good news that some children become inveterate liars at an early age, teaching a child to lie in the hopes he or she will become smarter as a result is not recommended. Unfortunately, today's parenting culture seems to put a higher premium on a high IQ than it does morality. Consider that one regularly sees bumper stickers advertising children's academic achievements (that "My Child Is an Honor Student at Cutabove Academy" thing) but none that publicize children's moral sturdiness, as in, "My Child May Not Be the Sharpest Knife in the Drawer, But She Is Polite and Hard-Working."

Source : http://lmtribune.com/close_to_home/are-children-who-lie-smart-or-in-trouble/article_81a1352c-1c32-5852-a824-b2de9e753f77.html

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