Witness: Child Beaten So Badly ‘it Was Hard To Determine Where There Weren’t Bruises’

Adrian Langlais was taken to a Fort Worth hospital on his second birthday horribly bruised, his head swollen, with a film coating his eyes, a paramedic testified Wednesday at the murder trial of the man accused of killing the toddler.

Christian Michael Tyrrell, 24, of Fort Worth, is on trial this week, charged with capital murder of a person under 10. If convicted, he could be sentenced to life in prison. The death penalty has been waived.

“You’re going to hear [Adrian] was covered in bruises when they brought him to the hospital,” Kelly Meador, the Tarrant County assistant district attorney prosecuting the case, told the jury. “You’re going to hear that he was bleeding inside his eyes.”

She said this would not be an easy case for the jury to hear.

“There was no birthday party for Adrian Langlais,” Meador said. “There wasn’t even one planned.”

Tyrrell, the 24-year-old boyfriend of Adrian’s' mother, Jessica Langlais, was indicted on a capital murder warrant accusing him of inflicting the fatal injures on Adrian by striking him with or against a hard surface before his death on March 19, 2015. Two years after Adrian’s death, in May, Jessica Langlais, 31, was indicted, accused of doing nothing while her son was being brutalized.

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Source : http://www.wfaa.com/news/local/tarrant-county/witness-child-beaten-so-badly-it-was-hard-to-determine-where-there-werent-bruises/461471325

Witness: Child beaten so badly ‘it was hard to determine where there weren't bruises'
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Witness: Child beaten so badly ‘it was hard to determine where there weren’t bruises’
Child was beaten so badly ‘it was hard to determine where there weren’t bruises,’ witness said